About us

The Czech Republic has been among the EU states with the most tragic accident statistics for several years. We consider the key cause to be the absence of an effective holistic management system in the area of road traffic safety in the Czech Republic. Likewise, interested public institutions and business entities are lacking in a common inspirational and at the same time long-term perspective philosophy of approach in the given area, which would be acceptable for the general public. Yet several countries can pride themselves with long-term positive statistics in traffic accidents. They understood that it is not possible to accept that human errors in road traffic were punished with serious injuries or even death. Everyone killed in a road traffic accident is considered to be a consequence of a system – whole society – failure and not an individual one. The only acceptable vision is Vision Zero, the goal that nobody dies in connection to road traffic. Every loss of human life, every serious injury is a huge tragedy not only for the victim, but also for dozens of his/her relatives, friends and colleagues... In fact, we all pay for it, even those of us who do not personally know the victims of accidents. We all have to contribute to the reparations of direct and long-term consequences of accidents.      

Our mission is to build relationships with a wide range of partners and contribute through daily activities to a significant reduction of serious traffic accidents and their consequences (and thus improve the quality of life for every one of us). We also try to contribute to the cultivation of occurrences on our roads.

Our goal is to be one of the leaders in promoting the implementation of a management system in the area of road traffic safety in the Czech Republic in accordance with the philosophy of Vision Zero. Additionally, we aspire to achieve the highest standard in the implementation of road-safety activities and activities for the general public.  

Values that we are building on are:
•    Creativity
•    Inspiration for others
•    Fairness
•    Pleasant conduct

We constantly focus on projects in the following areas:

Safety of children and youth in traffic
The Czech Republic traditionally ranks among countries with low fatal accident rates of children. It is undoubtedly the result of the care that we constantly dedicate to the transfer of knowledge and skills to children already from preschool age.
In this area, our organization primarily engages in traffic education.  However, attention is also paid to events intended for parents. We also work with the general public so that it is aware of the increased vulnerability of children and youth in road traffic. Our activities are not only aimed at traffic safety issues, but also at building a so-called value system.

The way of life and the relationship to the environment significantly affected the occurrences on our roads. A quality preparation of the upcoming generation fundamentally determines the attitude of the future generation toward the issue of road traffic safety. The future statistics of traffic accidents are being decided by us today...

Safety of motorcyclists
Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable group among road users. When involved, they are traditionally blamed for fatal accidents; however, in almost half of the cases, the culprit is another participant of road traffic. Our activities focused on the transfer of knowledge and skills to riders on one track not only evolve around teaching them to ride their motorcycles with humility but also to teach them about the risks emanating from other participants of road traffic.

Safety of cyclists
Cyclists undoubtedly belong to the most vulnerable group of road users. Cycling is yet increasingly regarded not only as a pragmatic way of transportation, but also as a popular leisure activity. Bicycles are used by children, their parents and grandparents, by representatives of all social groups. Bicycles are not only ridden on roads but also on mountain or wine trails, along rivers, shortly everywhere.  But herein lies the danger of possible accidents for cyclists. Our activities dedicated to cyclists therefore focus on the general prevention of injuries connected to cycling.

Communication of current traffic safety topics
We address the issue of traffic safety comprehensively. We do not consider any topic uninteresting. Our events intended for the general public are grasped in a way that ensures maximal comprehensibleness of the transferred knowledge and skills for the visitors and we also ascertain that a visit to our event becomes an unforgettable experience. Shortly, we are not only able to teach but also to entertain and inspire...
Research and publications
Great attention is paid to research and related publications. We participated in the elaboration of three research projects focused on the definition of the effective preparation of new drivers and the execution of their tests. Also, we contributed to the development of a proposal with legislative intent, the so-called Driving school Act and the proposal of an implementation plan for changing the management system in the area of road traffic safety in the Czech Republic. On a regular basis, we actively participate in conferences and seminars that focus on the issue of road traffic safety, and we also dedicate our time to activities related to publishing.